Oldsmobile Bravada / GMC Jimmy / Chevrolet Blazer Wiper Control Module Failure


The front wipers on my 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada started malfunctioning shortly after the factory warranty expired. The main problem was that they would intermittently not run or refuse to stop. I had initially planned to replace the entire wiper module, but removing the module turned out to be painful so I opted to look inside the wiper module first since it was relatively easy to dis-assemble without removing it from the vehicle. I was surprised to find that the problem was caused by a number of solder joints that had failed from mechanical fatigue. It looks like a dubious design that is subject to premature failure because mechanical stress is not adequately relieved from the solder joints. But, it is easily fixed with some solder. I used high strength silver solder in hopes the joints will be more durable. Some adhesive applied between the connector and PCB may help to relieve the stress on the soldered connections too if you feel inclined to desolder the connector. (I'll do that if it fails again.)

Front side of the PCB

Back side of the PCB